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Gary Cawker playing guitar in the studio

Gary Cawker

Gary Cawker is a queer London-based singer songwriter. 

He only wrote his first song approaching the age of 50 and is making up for lost time. 

Zambian born, South African raised, he has been living in London for 25 years.  

Diverse influences include Indie Folk, African Roots Pop, Post Punk, Shoegaze, Americana.

MUSIC AUTHENTIC REVIEW:  "In an era when geographic boundaries blur together with niches and genres in music, the ongoing trend of British Americana has a new representative, his name is Gary Cawker. With undeniable flavours of folk and blues, his brand new single “Occasional Love” might sound slowcore at first but its traits and storytelling take it way beyond.  The soundscape is spacious, the mix is balanced and the mastering provides enough shine on the instruments.  The other excellent quality is the purity, the stripped down arrangement and simple chord progression which together strengthen the song – it took a bold decision in today’s musical scene and it has played out well" 


Young & Out Of Time - EP (2017)

Colour Of Rust - EP (2018)

The Sleep Of Reason - Album (2020)

Rumble Lines - Single (2023)

Occasional Love Songs - Album (2023)

Photo of Gary Cawker
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